Doual’Art, Douala, Cameroon 2013
Organized by the Goethe-Institut Yaoundé Cameroun, the full travelling exhibition was shown at the Contemporary Art Centre Doual’Art and linked with a workshop on participative planning and urban transformation.

Masters of Geography and Architecture students from the University of Yaoundé I and Ecole des Beaux Arts de Nkonsamba presented projects and research methods to a multidisciplinary group of professionals who shared insights into processes of urbanization, reflections on place and the role of art to reveal history. Informal Studio curator, Anne Graupner, gave a lecture on the South African reality of post-apartheid cities, architecture and urban design challenges and participative planning towards more socially sustainable cities.
Other presenters were: Marilyn Douala Bell, Didier Schaub (Doual’Art), Irene Bark (Goethe-Institut) as well as Prof. Fodouop Kengne (Head of the Master’s Program “Geography” from the University of Yaoundé I) and socio-political scientist Stéphane Akoa