Cape Town

University of Nairobi, Kenya: 29 October – 23 November 2014

"As an effort building toward creating a repository on the urban condition in S. Africa in particular (with allusions to Kenya & other African urban environments), it can not be faulted.
However, from my point of view what it provokes is this question(s)

  1. What can Africa be for the vulnerable & others, in terms of a functional aesthetically appropriate physical environment that is responsive?
    (what component of this can be created from ‘native’ resources?)
  2. Who will be the guardian for a ‘real’ transformation?
  3. What do ‘we’ estimate ‘we’ deserve?”

Kahare Miano, Department of Architecture & Building-Science

”This work is inspiring. Because you’ve done this, I want to do it back at home in South Sudan. You’ve shown that it’s possible. Thank you.
Good job!!!”


”Incredible exhibition, there is a great exploration of the problem and its wider impact. Therefor the presentation of ideas and how design can impact change is incredible”

”Quite informative study & experience. Thank you for sharing this; it should provoke us to think further and what step to take for our case in Nairobi”
Arah Kyak J.K

”You guys are doing what Architects are meant to be doing…Architecture for Humanity. A home, shelter, safety etcetera. Thank you”
Ed, 4th Year Architecture Student, University of Nairobi, Kenya


Open Design Festival, Cape Town, South Africa: 13 – 23 August 2014

"The Informal Studio: Marlboro South exhibition was an invaluable contribution to the Open Design programme and it was fantastic to see the general public, design professionals, school kids and tertiary students engaging with your content across the 11 days of festivities on a daily basis. 
The content was very real and easy for all to engage with. We also included your the exhibition as part of our school tours and exposed the project to a total of 480 school kids. 
Sincere thankx also to the Goethe-Institut for investing in this project and for making it possible to expose this valuable content to various audiences.”

Sune Stassen, Programme Director, Open Design Cape Town

“Go for urban upgrading, incremental housing, improve open space. This is the trend to a better urban living world!”
Ephim Shluger, Architect/Urban Planner, Rio, Brazil

“Great to see the grounded inspiration of ‘design’ thinking that has feet on the ground and demonstrates response–responsibility. Make use of all human talent and ability to solve the shelter and living environment challenges. Well done! Viva!”
Roger van Wyk, Educentric, Cape Town

“Very informative exhibition in terms of the status quo in MS”
Erika Espach, GIBB Engineering & Architecture

“Very informative, I must say. I love it.”
Ingrid Fonta Muki, The NVC Studio, Cape Town

“Housing in our country is a serious issue to consider. More studies of the urban fabric and its strategies as such still need to be encouraged.”

“Incredible exhibition, there is a great exploration of the problem and it’s wider impact. Therefore, the presentation of ideas and how design can impact change is incredible.”

“Really inspiring & thought provoking. Thank you!”


UIA, Durban, South Africa: 3 – 7 August 2014

“The Informal Studio exhibition exemplified the intentions of the UIA 2014 programme – to demonstrate other ways of doing.  As part of a trio of exhibitions activating the Beer Hall in Durban’s River Town precinct – the quality of all three the exhibitions was a real attraction and the venue allowed broad-scale public engagement with the exhibition which was also a key intention of the event. 
Nina Saunders, Programme Manager, City Architecture, eThekwini Municipality

"An amazing exhibition. Anne Graupner and Thorsten Deckler are showing with fascinating and precise pictures, comics, graphics, plans and videos how architects can react to social and spatial segregation. A convincing contribution to better understand informal settlements."
Christiano Lepratti, Curator: Beer Hall, UIA; Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, University of Genoa, Italy


Doual’Art, Douala, Cameroon, 23 & 24 September 2013

“As a lecturer, I appreciate this exhibition in which we find impacts of many subject areas and cultures. This exhibition showed the necessity for the urban planners to include the dwellers and the urban planners into a common project”
Prof. Fodouop Kengne, Geographer, Head of the Master’s Programme “Geography” at the University of Yaoundé I

“The Informal Studio exhibition presents a useful approach from a pedagogical point of view because the public is able to understand an innovative urban project and the involvement of its beneficiaries. The use of materials and volumes makes it easier to understand a sketch”
Stéphane Akoa, Socio-Political Scientist

“The exhibition Informal Studio showed us how material could be chosen depending on the area. It also showed how architects and town planners can restructure a zone that was poorly planned”
Julia Tamba, Master 2 / Urban Geography/ University of Yaoundé I

“We exchanged our points of view about the exhibition with the other students and experts. This was a very enriching experience”
Christian Minyemeck, Master 2 / Urban Geography/ University of Yaoundé I

“Thanks to the exhibition Informal Studio and the quality of the lecturers we got a lot of knowledge and inputs about urban construction in Douala city, as well as possible urban developments of the town”
Abdel R. Mounde, Master 2 / Urban Geography/ University of Yaoundé I

“The exhibition gave us some ideas about the use of our own construction materials in Africa. We saw how to enhance and valorize the Cameroonian culture throughout constructions, which could also encourage the tourism”
Nelye Stella Kouayep, Master 2 / Urban Geography/ University of Yaoundé I

“We learned a lot, especially by comparing European and African feelings on urban construction. It was a very enriching dialogue”
Marie Louise S. Nyonkyme, Master 2 / Urban Geography/ University of Yaoundé I

Goethe-Institut, Johannesburg, South Africa, 12 February - 9 May 2013

“I am truly proud of the work you are doing for South Africa. I am really blown away by the work on Marlboro”
Zahira Asmal, Managing Director, THE CITY Research & Media Agency

“…amazing contribution to the debate on human settlements. It obviously took immense dedication and commitment. Very inspiring...”
Professor Amira Osman, Associate Professor, Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture, University of Johannesburg

“We were very moved by it. You’ve done something that you, all of you involved it in,
can be very proud of”

Stan Kahn

“…beautifully considered, reflective and thought provoking”
Adriénne van den Heever, Cultural Kaleidoscope

“Please extend our sincere thanks to the students, staff, donors and everybody else who has been involved to make this project a success. We will certainly ensure that all the hard work will bear a fruit or two (or three) in the near future”
Sandra van Rensburg, Community Organisation Resource Centre

“Big congratulations on an awesome project outcome and process”
Thiresh Govender, UrbanWorks, Architecture + Urbanism

“Congratulations on a very successful project. The project was very ambitious and complex, so well done to you all”
Lone Poulsen, Poulsen Buccellato Architects

“…we were blown away by the exhibition”
Lesley Kahn, Head: Development Department, Praxis Computing (Pty) Ltd

“Exceptional show, great attendance, and the various audiences were really engaged in the work”
Cara Snyman, Cultural Programmes, Goethe-Institut Johannesburg

“Congratulations, I think the exhibition is a great success!!”
Samantha Trask, Architecture Master’s Student, University of Johannesburg

“The newspaper is STUNNING!!!”
Leon Krige, Architecture, Design Technology and Innovation Lecturer, University of Johannesburg

“I found last night’s exhibition very interesting and I also loved the fact that it involves ordinary people from Alexandra”
Isaac Mahlangu, Senior Journalist, Sunday Times

“Amazing work! The film, the paper and the organisation. The effect of this work will be invaluable to future architects, community 'planners' and the NGO - even if they don't know it. It has been an honour to work with you….”
Jhono Bennett, Architect, Community Organisation Resource Centre

“It is a relief for me to know that there are many other inspired and inspiring people around the globe that are identifying practical ways to change our reality. Talking and writing is easy, but doing is what promotes real change.”
Anaclaudia Rossbach, Diretoria Presidente, Interracao, Sao Paulo

“Great exhibition - the work speaks for itself, well done!”
Jacquie Cullies, Marketing, Manager, SA Council for the Architectural Profession (SACAP)

“Understanding the notion that the delivery model due to the developmental process takes 8 - 9,5 years to reach full completion, the process you have developed is suited to ensure that active citizenry is engaged and that the state and its residents are partners in a long term developmental model”
Zunaid Khan, Deputy Director: Housing Policy & Research at City of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality


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